Saturday, November 28, 2009

Salam eidadha pade sume..

dh lame x update blog ni..
saje nk ucap slmt ari raye wlupn rasenye dh agak lmbt..

p/s:wei pawn vs king..xtau r nk tulis pe..hahahaha

taun ni raye seremban je..sori nenek n mek kt klate tuh..
sian kmbing2 kt kg..dh lame x tgk..

gmbr pn xde sgt..hahaha

Saturday, October 31, 2009

study week...success or fail??

assalamualaikum to all again...
juz want to post something..
quiet boring right now..waiting for MU match,1 hour to go..

first of all, gud luck to all friend during this study week..
a success or fail week,its depends on us..
haha..blank2..wat's more??

bes gak study week,rase cm dh cuti plak..enjoy je..
to someone yg kt johor skrg ni...
biarpun bas mu lmbt...
blk glenview nnti bwk something..jgn tgn kosong je..
org rmh sume menanti2kn mknn2 johor mu.. la

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 dreaming..

assalamualaikum to all who read my blog..thank you2,i'm blushing u know..haha..

what the heck about title???study???
so,what about study?
right now,i'm with my rumate,mr sleepy force ourselves to study...unfortunately,we hardly finish3 pages of samesh doss within 90 long as one full match of Red Devil(liverpool fan don't get jelous)...
i can't imagine how can my others friends 3,4 hours study non STOP! what actually i want to write..?????
i'm juz want to share someone quote, "stop dreaming,start resolving"..
this quotation that trigger me to post..

face the truth STUDENTS,
u gonna sit for an important exam,
can u juz please study,
and stop wandering...
but remember friends,study not juz for exam,but for knowledge also...
insyaAllah u will feel the enjoyment study medic......

umah cikgu...mkn2...bnyk mkn

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HEPi berExaM.....

assalamualaikum to everyone...
wahh,i'm using english...what a shock...
actually my partner who like to sleep that give the sentences and i'm just typing..

haha,juz like balaci..

by da way,exam is juz near the corner..
i'm quite stress because i cant manage yet my study time..
SAI'DU2...almost all time i was sleeping or play 'something'...

however i try something new in my strugggle to get A in exam..
i put my beloved lecturers pic so that will melt their heart to give us(me n my sleep partner-the laziest one) an A ..

they are discussing..

Prof Hany: we must give our beloved student an A for anat

Prof Ezz : R u sure??i have give a lot of MCQ questionS during class..

Prof Hany : Ahhhh...juz give our beloved student A..plzzzzz

Prof Ezz : Who?ok la..i will give them A for posting my pic

Prof Hany : wafi n roi'e

Prof : ok2,no problem..BEREH skoda

ape2 hal pn,we nk mntak maaf klu ado slh slp yg x trsdr spnjg bljr brsame dis sem...
tp sesedar kami,xde pn bt slp rasenye..hahehe
salam..n study well,less ur luck

Friday, October 9, 2009