Wednesday, October 28, 2009 dreaming..

assalamualaikum to all who read my blog..thank you2,i'm blushing u know..haha..

what the heck about title???study???
so,what about study?
right now,i'm with my rumate,mr sleepy force ourselves to study...unfortunately,we hardly finish3 pages of samesh doss within 90 long as one full match of Red Devil(liverpool fan don't get jelous)...
i can't imagine how can my others friends 3,4 hours study non STOP! what actually i want to write..?????
i'm juz want to share someone quote, "stop dreaming,start resolving"..
this quotation that trigger me to post..

face the truth STUDENTS,
u gonna sit for an important exam,
can u juz please study,
and stop wandering...
but remember friends,study not juz for exam,but for knowledge also...
insyaAllah u will feel the enjoyment study medic......

umah cikgu...mkn2...bnyk mkn


  1. standard r laki blushing..

  2. da prob is not da gender...
    da prob is plik ko blushg..ha4